We mould your ideas

Our Services

Easymoulds designs products out of recycled plastic and make injection moulds.
As a part of Precious Plastic v4 we made all the injection moulds inhouse.

We belive that the worldwide plastic pollution needs to be tackled from different angles. Our service helps to communicate the importance of recycling. But it cannot stay where it is right now, we have to move forward and improve our current system of recycling.

Plastic is a precious material, which can be remoulded for up to seven times into new product. Act now and guide your waststreams into the generation of new products.

  • Concept

    We can explore with our clients what is the next step to build more sustainable products. Ideas will be transfered into sketches or directly modeled in CAD.

  • Being designers by heart enables us to offer aesthetic solutions, while meeting functional requirements. Working within engineering constraints is nothing new for us.

    Industrial Design

  • Design for Production

    We can explore with our clients what is the next step to build more sustainable products. Not just on paper, but we can help to bring your idea to a feasible product.

  • To ensure functionality prototyping is required in some cases. We are able to prototype with industry standard methods to save money down the road in the development process.


  • Mould Making

    Our core competence is the development and machining of high quality, ready-to-use moulds. But they are not just standard moulds, but highlight the use of the recycled material within each product.

  • Specialized machines enable us to produce production runs up to 10.000 parts.
    We can handle the inconsistency of the recycled material and highlight the aesthetic of the polymers such as PP, PS or HDPE.


Connected Services

We have a strong network of experienced partners at hand which are extending our services beyond what we can offer by ourself.

  • Events

    Telling the story to your customers is nice, but how cool would it be, to actually show them live how the product is made? An event can be the ideally opportunity to tell the story!

  • Managing Wastestreams

    You are a company and have production waste? There is no focused solution until now, or you don't know how your waste is "recycled" finally? We can offer solutions to handle your waste with our local partners worldwide.

  • Various
    Production Methods

    We are specialized in the injection moulding of recycled plastic. Beyond that there are many other methods of processing plastic like: Extruding, pressing plastic sheets, compression and other artisian methods our partner can provide.