We mould your ideas


How does the process of making a part out of recycled plastic look like?

Every product starts with a concept or an idea. Often you have already a vague idea in mind what kind of product you want to make.

From there on there are different options:

  • You have a function or a use case a product has to fulfill?
    -> We can start with an ideation and design process
  • You have a sketch of the product or a logo?
    -> we can start to make a CAD model for you
  • You already have a CAD model but you are not sure if it is possible to make?
    -> we can give you feedback on your design or directly start to adopt the changes ourself

Now we take over and design a mould based on the CAD model - either towards your machine specifications or make them ready for our specialized in-house production.

How can I design "ready for production" ?

We mostly work with more simple injection machines compared to the industry of virgin plastic processing. So designing an injection mould is not rocket science. However it can be quite intrigating in the beginning.

Thats why we wrote a guideline on how to design products for injection moulding

Tips on making injection moulds
How much does it cost to make a CNC mould?

This depends on a lot of factors which are impossible to generalize and are different for each project. If a CAD model is ready, custom made moulds can start  from 300€, depending on the project the price can exceed 1000€ quickly. This mostly contributes to a demand for high productive moulds with multiple cavities, which enables a faster and cheaper production in the end.

Make sure to check our guideline on saving mouldmaking costs

Reducing costs in mould making

If a custom made mould is a big investment for you, check our cheap ready made moulds at the

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